Hydroseeding / Lawn Installation

If you're looking for a new lawn, look no further.

Hydroseeding can be used for many applications. To hydroseed a new area, we first prepare the soil by loosening the soil surface to provide the foundation for a smooth, full lawn. We then mix water, grass seed, fertilizer, hydroseeding mulch, and often other materials designed to enhance germination, retain moisture, and protect against heavy rainfall. This load of material is then sprayed out over the lawn. A freshly hydroseeded area will have a bright, colorful look at first, but as it dries, some of the color will leave.

If you want a nearly instant lawn, sodding your lawn is the way to go. Sodding is often described as being like installing a new carpet, with the exception that your new lawn will need to be tenderly cared for until it re-establishes itself in your soil. This usually takes takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Hydroseeding Hydroseeding Hydroseeding

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