Stone, whether manufactured or natural, gives dimension and adds character to your property.

The use of materials such as rocks, stones, and pavers create the hardscape of your property's landscape. Rocks and stones are a terrific way to add functional architectural elements to your landscape design. Every rock has a beauty and character all its own and there are many types from which to choose. Rocks and stones are extremely durable and are the perfect material for adding hardscape features such as pathways, patios, and retaining walls to your landscape design.

Paver patios, sidewalks, and outdoor kitchens are not only attractive to the eye, but often serve as relaxing extensions to your home for those gorgeous days. With hundreds of different options on the market, the potential is truly amazing.

Boulders of all sizes can lend drama to your landscape design. They are wonderful for use in water features such as falls, bubbling rocks, and fountains. They can also serve as bold gateways to mark the entrance to your landscape, lending height to the design.

Retaining walls are useful in designing raised flower beds, and defining different areas of your landscape.

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